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Do you recognise the early warning signs of child hypermobility?

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Joint Hypermobility is the term used when a joint has more movement than expected, it occurs when the ligaments are lax allowing more movement at that joint. Whilst most people with hypermobility are asymptomatic, others may experience pain and discomfort, they may easily fatigue and have reduced coordination due to joint laxity. These children are more vulnerable to injury and developing poor posture.  Hypermobility is also related to low tone and weaker muscles, as the muscles need to work harder to stabilise the joint, it is therefore important to focus on being healthy, strong and fit.

Physiotherapy can help to develop a specific strengthening and proprioceptive programme to help stabilise the hypermobile joint. Hypermobility can also be a cause of developmental delay and we can provide you with a developmental activity programme to help them meet their gross motor milestones. If you have any concerns about hypermobility and would like an assessment then please contact us.