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Do you have postural pain?

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Often people can adapt certain postures where the chin pokes forwards and the shoulders become rounded. These postures may develop from certain muscles around the neck and upper back and shoulders becoming weak or tight. Sitting at work in front of a desk for long periods can lead to people developing a certain posture. More information can be found through the workstation assessment information.

Osteoporosis can also lead to developing a poor posture. The pain experienced may be aching around the neck and shoulders and tends to become worse when continue in the same posture for a period of time.

Physiotherapy can help by using manual therapy to loosen any stiff joints and muscles. Massage and trigger point release can help muscle pain. Exercises can be set to improve your posture and strengthen muscles than have become weak and stretch muscles that have become tight. If you are sitting at a desk for long periods of time we can come to you and assess your workstation and make the required changes to help you keep a desired position when working. If your posture is changing due to osteoporosis we can provide osteoporosis programmes at home to help this.