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Do you have chronic neck pain?

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Acute pain is the pain we feel immediately after injuring ourselves and while the injury is healing.  Chronic pain is pain that continues even though healing has occurred and it is not unusual to find no direct link between the pain and the original injury that may have healed a long time ago.  Chemical changes happen in the brain and spinal cord to re-route signals to pain centres in the brain.  Then any normal sensation such as a movement, touch, pressure, stretching etc can be felt as pain.  In some instances the pain system can be activated without any physical stimulus i.e. changes in weather, mood, thoughts or no stimulus at all.

Physiotherapy for chronic pain has to involve many aspects and address other factors that come into play rather than just the pain itself.  They will treat the pain and also use methods to help you manage your pain including advice on pacing and coping with flare ups and negative thoughts, graduated exercise programmes and goal setting.  They will aim to return to you being able to participate again in activities you were involved in before developing chronic pain whether work, sport of hobby related.  We can also recommend top London pain consultants to help you.

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