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Could your child have Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)?

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Has your child been described as ‘clumsy, awkward in movements, poor at games, hopeless in dancing and gymnastics, a bad writer or defective in concentration’? Are they ‘inattentive and cannot sit still’? Do they ‘leave their shoelaces untied, do buttons incorrectly, bump into furniture, break glassware, slip off chairs’?

It could be an indication that they have a developmental coordination disorder (DCD). DCD is an umbrella term used to describe children who do not develop normal motor coordination or have difficulty with motor planning and sensory processing. DCD is a prevalent yet under-recognised movement skill disorder that significantly affects everyday functioning. It is usually first recognised when a child fails to reach normal developmental milestones such as walking or beginning to dress him or herself.

Common symptoms:

  • General unsteadiness on their feet – awkward and clumsy movements
  • Difficulty completing fine motor tasks, e.g. doing up buttons
  • General low tone and poor core stability – slouches in his/her chair
  • An inability to coordinate a sequence of movements, e.g. throwing and catching
  • Difficulty with handwriting
  • Difficulty with organising self
  • Difficulty with planning, e.g. sequence of dressing
  • Difficulty with learning

Physiotherapy can assess your child to determine whether or not it is a developmental coordination problem and provide your child with advice, exercises and strategies to help them over come their difficulties.

If you would like some advice do not hesitate to contact us.