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Could Rebound Therapy Help Your Disabled Child?

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Could Rebound Therapy help your child? Rebound Therapy may be an excellent choice of therapy to encourage movement, alter tone and improve physical fitness.

What is Rebound Therapy?

Rebound Therapy makes use of a trampoline to provide a safe and comfortable environment for therapy to be carried out by a trained therapist. Rebound Therapy often also encourages communication, can help with social skills and aid over all emotional wellbeing. It can help create a feeling of weightlessness and the child can be bounced at different speeds, depending on what is trying to be achieved.

For example this could be to initiate movement, or to affect the tone in their muscles. The unstable surface provides an opportunity to work on posture, core stability and balance, as well as make therapy fun. The therapist has full control as they can use the ‘damping’ technique to absorb the energy of the bed through their body at any point to create stillness.

Rebound Therapy

The trampoline has many benefits including:

Cardiorespiratory Fitness

The movement automatically encourages the child to take bigger breaths and increases their heart rate.

Altered Tone

Trampolining tends to increase postural muscle tone as the child tries to maintain their posture and balance on an unstable surface. However, low and slow bouncing can help to reduce tone in children with hypertonia (high tone).

Better Balance

The unstable surface can be used to work on balance in different positions and saving reactions (such as reactions to falling) in a safe environment.

Improved Kinaesthetic Awareness

This is the sensory awareness of your body in space. Movements on the trampoline stimulate the joints, skin and muscles, which in turn help the child be more aware of their body parts and where in space they are.

Stimulating Movement

The rhythm, momentum and timing of the trampolining can be used to stimulate movement.

Improved Communication

Due to cardiorespiratory effects children often start to vocalise, they begin to make eye contact and concentrate in anticipation.


Rebound Therapy is great fun and most children love it. It’s a great way for a child to carry out therapy and improve their overall fitness. Our therapists have completed the Rebound Therapy training course and can arrange a session at a venue near you if you feel your child would benefit from a different form of therapy. *  Contact us today on 020 7884 0374 or email

*Please note that Rebound Therapy is unsuitable for those with the following conditions: pregnancy; rodded backs; dwarfism; brittle bones; detachable retina; certain heart conditions; positive AAI screening.