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Core Stability for Kids!

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Yes, kids need to develop core strength too! Do not confuse core strength with getting a “6 pack”. Core strength refers to the balanced development of the muscles in your abdominals, pelvis, lower back and diaphragm. It is the ability of all these muscles to work together that enable us to stabilise the body during movement.  Strong cores are the building blocks for developing gross motor skills and fine motor skills, and if your child has a weak core it is difficult for them to maintain a stable base enabling coordination of the arms and legs.

If your child has poor stability, you may notice that your child:

  • Remains upright in their seat
  • Leans on walls or other people
  • Holds postures against gravity
  • Has difficulty with carrying out both fine and gross motor activities
  • Has difficulty with dressing and undressing

Simple ways your child can build core strength:

Swinging – encourage your child to swing on their own.

Bouncing – on trampolines or hopper balls engages all the core muscles.

The Wheelbarrow – hold your child in a wheelbarrow position and encourage them to walk their hands forwards.  Ensure they keep a straight posture and do not allow them to sag in the middle.

Twister – holding static postures helps to engage all the core muscles.

Soft play – the unstable surface at soft play centres will automatically engage their core muscles.

Gym Ball – there are many simple exercises that the gym ball can be used for but simply just sitting on it and maintaining an upright posture is a good start.

If you think your child has a weak core they may benefit from an additional specific core-strengthening programme. Our specialist paediatric physiotherapists will assess your child and develop and individual programme to target the appropriate muscle groups. Contact us today on 0207 884 0374 or email

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