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Category: Posture

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Do You Recognise the Early Warning Signs of Achilles Tendinopathy?

Do you experience pain in your calves whilst running?  It may well be that you aren’t wearing the correct footwear. …

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Get Rid of Stress Once and for All!

We all have the stresses and strains of every day life whether that is work, family life or financial stresses. …

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Top Yoga Poses to Balance Body and Mind

Sirsha-asana/The Head-stand The head-stand (sirsha-asana) together with the lotus posture (padma-asanaor) is one of the most recognised yoga poses and…

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Are you Sitting Comfortably? Perhaps for Now, But it May not be the Best for your Spine!

We can all be guilty of adopting poor posture, whether that’s sitting in your office chair, hunched over your laptop,…

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Top 9 Tips to Improve your Child’s Posture

Many studies show that 30% of school age children have back and neck pain ( and that pain is commonly…

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