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Category: Paediatric

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How Children Learn to Write

Learning to write is one of the most complex motor skills to master. Toddlers begin developing the necessary skills when…

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When Should You Buy Your Baby’s First Pair of Shoes?

Babies’ feet are very different to ours as their bones haven’t calcified yet and they don’t develop a visible arch…

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How to Choose a Walker for Your Disabled Child

Sadly not all children are able to walk independently for a multitude of reasons and often this is the one…

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How Can Physio Help Children Diagnosed with Hemiplegia?

Childhood hemiplegia (also known as hemiparesis) is caused by damage to part of the brain as a result of injury…

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How Cervical Spine Injuries are Managed in Children

The cervical spine consists of the bones that make up your neck. There are 7 vertebrae within the neck and…

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Does Your Child Have Problems Walking? An Orthosis May Help

A lower limb orthosis is a device worn on the lower limb to provide support to the leg and/or foot…

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5 Tips to Help Your Baby Learn to Stand and Walk

Between 8-10 months, babies will probably start trying to pull themselves up to stand whilst holding on to furniture. The…

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Could Rebound Therapy Help Your Disabled Child?

Could Rebound Therapy help your child? Rebound Therapy may be an excellent choice of therapy to encourage movement, alter tone…

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