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Category: Neurological

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How To Improve Your Proprioception

Proprioception is the body’s awareness of a stimulus relating to, “position, motion and equilibrium”[1]. Proprioceptors, the receptors that are located…

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How Physio Can Provide Ulnar Nerve Pain Relief

Located within the elbow, the ulnar nerve is vulnerable to all sorts of forces and problems. It passes quite superficially…

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How to Diagnose Nerve Injuries Correctly

Our nerves need a healthy environment to work properly. This includes easy movement past the other tissues in the body,…

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How to Easily Understand Neurodynamics Without Having a Medical Background

Its every medical professional’s job to steer away from overly medicalised language when explaining a diagnosis to a patient. Ideally,…

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How Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Treated

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or CTS) is a musculoskeletal injury that affects the wrist, with the issues and pain being referred…

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Advice: Peripheral Nerve Injuries

The peripheral nervous system lies outside the central nervous system.  Whereas the central nervous system controls the activities of the body, the…

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