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Category: Low Back Pain

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Sacro-Iliac Joint

Is your Sacro-Iliac Joint (SIJ) contributing to your back pain? Lets start talking about this blog with some anatomy of the…

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All you need to know about your Intervertebral Discs

This blog of our ‘Basic Anatomy’ series of the body we have been doing discusses intervertebral discs. What are the myths…

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5 Top Tips to Avoid Back Injuries

Back pain and back injury is the most common complaint in the world that leads to a GP appointment. It…

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5 Top Foam Roller Moves to Maximise Your Lower Limb Flexibility

Foam rollers work on fascial movement and mobility. Fascia encompasses the different layers and tissues beneath our skin and within…

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Do You Have Sciatica?

Our physio and Bristol Manager Leanne reveals how a tailored treatment plan is essential for the successful treatment of sciatica.…

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All You Need to Know about Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) is an inflammatory condition, which predominantly affects the joints of the spine, hip joints and sacroiliac joint (joints within…

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