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Can Cooler Weather Worsen Pain? How Physiotherapy Can Help

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Many of us suffer with conditions that make simple tasks quite painful after some time such as arthritis. Many people say that their health problems or issues with muscles, joints and pain is worsened by the colder temperatures. Take Raynaud’s disease for example, this is when arteries supplying blood to the skin are narrow and limit blood circulation. This affects circulation so much that fingers and toes can turn white and reduced circulation can intensify pain caused by neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

If you’re somebody who has noticed a link between pain and weather, you’re not alone. Here’s some tips on how to management our pain during the colder months.

Try exercising

In the cold weather, you may stay in more and be less active. This will reduce circulation and can make joints and muscles feel stiffer. Try to maintain some level of fitness even if it’s a 20 minute walk each day. This will get the blood flowing, increase core temperature and ensure that muscles and joints aren’t left to get tight and neglected.

Ways to stay warm

  • Keep moving – regular exercise will always stimulate the muscles, bones and the cartilage around the joints, keeping them mobile!
  • Hot drinks always help – and herbal teas are good for the immune system and aid digestion!
  • If you are somebody who smokes, consider trying to cut down or stop altogether. Smoking narrows your blood vessels and this, again, restricts your circulation
  • Layer up – some say there is no bad weather, just bad clothing!

Consider physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a great way to strengthen parts of your body and restore full movement without pain. Physiotherapists can help you reduce the initial stiffness and suggest movements that will help relieve some of the pain. They will also help with things such as: increasing the movement and muscle strength as well as restore the balance of muscles. One thing that is great about physiotherapy is the fact you are an active participant in your own recovery. You’ll be given exercises you can perform in your home and it also allows you to build a habit of exercising without overdoing it.

We know that colder weather can limit your outings or even, in some cases, be dangerous and increase the risks of injury. That’s why we bring physiotherapy to your door – it’s convenient, can easily be fitted into a busy schedule, and ensures you are active and aided all year round! Find out more on our website or call us on 02078 840378.