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All About Massage and Why You Need One!

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Massage has been an effective body therapy for many years. Manipulating and applying pressure to soft tissue, deep tissue and the body in general can correct a great many problems and increase your health and wellbeing. As certified and experienced physiotherapists, we often get questions surrounding massage – what’s the difference in types and how can it benefit me? We’re here to tell you all about massage and why you need one.

Different Types

  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

Sports massage is used to treat or prevent injuries, improves health of muscle, posture and joints and increases flexibility for better sporting method.

Swedish massage is a more therapeutic massage which can be slow and gentle or vigorous and deep, depending on your request, and is often for relaxation.

Deep tissue massage intends to relieve muscle and connective tissue tension, involves sustained deep pressure and is applied to the whole body.

Why You Need a Massage


Everyday life brings about its own stresses and tensions on the body. From your everyday posture, carrying handbags or rucksacks, sleeping funny, sitting at your desk in an un-ergonomic way or just carrying stress and anxiety can increase muscle tension. Since inflammation is the cause of many diseases, it is always best to regularly see a massage therapist for a Swedish massage to relieve the body and relax you.

Injury Prevention

If you are a regular sportsman, you will find massage critical to preventing injuries because sports massage stimulates muscles, increases blood flow, breaks down scar tissue, encourages tissue healing and improves muscular function. It can actively strengthen your weaknesses, providing injury prevention.

Pain Reduction

There are many reasons why a person may experience pain in the body, from situational circumstances to conditions such as inflammation, arthritis, fibromyalgia and more. Having a deep tissue massage can treat muscle tension and muscle pain, relax trigger points and increase movement.

We often advise that people look at massage as regular as servicing a car. As the saying goes, prevention is the best cure. Massage can help relieve many ailments and prevent a great many too. We bring our physiotherapists and massage therapists to your home to ensure maximum convenience. Find out more here or enquire by calling us on 02078 840 374.