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10 Ways Physio Can Help Motor Neurone Disease

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There are a number of ways that physiotherapy can help people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) – here are 10:

1.  Carry out a full assessment to check your mobility, range of movement of joints and muscles, strength of muscles and discuss / see any particular difficulties you’re experiencing.

2.  Advise on and provide walking aids that will help to keep your mobility as long and as safely as possible.

3.  Relieve pain and tension from muscle cramps with gentle passive stretches and massage.

4.  Devised a tailored exercise programme to strengthen the muscles that have not been affected by MND – some exercises may be active and some active-assisted meaning the physio helps you to carry out the exercises.

5.  Passive exercises to help move the joints you find difficult, reduce tension and aid circulation.

6.  Teach stretches that can be carried out on your own to help keep muscles from becoming tight.

7.  Help posture and positioning in the later stages and show carers how to use pillows to keep individuals as comfortable as possible and ensure breathing is maximised.

8.  Teach breathing exercises and check chest clearing techniques.  The Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques is shown in the picture.

9.  Teach how to pace your exercises and stop you overdoing it and being in pain.

10.  Advise on pain relief and using a TENS machine, heat or ice.

Do you or a family/friend have MND?

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